This week – 28 August 1290

The Treaty of Northampton, also called the Treaty of Birgham-Northampton, was endorsed by Edward I at Northampton. The terms had been negotiated at Birgham (BWK) the previous month and called for the marriage of Margaret, ‘the Maid of Norway’, granddaughter of Alexander III and heiress of the kingdom of Scotland, and Prince Edward, son of Edward I. By its terms, Scotland was to remain separate and divided from England upon the marriage. However, the Maid died en route to Scotland in September 1290. It was the terms of this treaty from which Edward I was released by John Balliol in January 1293.

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  1. mercadee says:

    The next year Alexander pressed his case for sovereignty of the islands by invading the Western Isles. Haakon’s successor to the Norwegian throne, Magnus, agreed to a treaty.

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