Here teachers and students can find information on current research and other material for the period which may be useful for the Higher History paper 2 option on the Wars of Independence (and equivalent National 5 topic). This falls into three categories (see links on the right sidebar).

(1) New information in brief. These are pdfs of powerpoint slides that have been used in making presentations to schools.

(2) Summaries. This offers an overview of a topic which has been identified by teachers as benefitting from having a readily accessible summary available for their students.

(3) Recent research from the project that has been published as part of our ‘Feature of the Month’ series. This is organized under subheadings to make it easier to identify items that may be of particular interest. The subheadings are
(i) General
(ii) Scotland under the Guardians 1286-1291
(iii) Scottish government under John Balliol, 1292-1296
(iv) Conquest and Occupation, 1296-1297
(v) Wallace
(vi) Scotland in King John Balliol’s absence, 1297-1304
(vii) Robert I and Civil War, 1306-1314

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