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This week – 26 December 1292

John Balliol gave homage to King Edward I at Newcastle in the presence of several Anglo-Scottish barons.

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This week – 22 December 1306

Robert Renfrew died. He had been captured at the siege of Stirling Castle in July 1304 and held in prison at Old Sarun (Salisbury, Wiltshire) until his death more than two years later.

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August 2012 – A dower case in Northumberland

A complicated case of dower lands in Northumberland Amanda Beam, Research Associate[1]   This feature of the month focuses on a complex case found in the Curia Regis rolls in the 1220s in Northumberland, a case that draws attention to … Continue reading

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This week – 12 December 1304

William Lamberton, bishop of St Andrews, writes to the dean of Fife and Fothrif notifying him that the rector of Dairsie has resigned and that St Andrews Priory is now free to present their nominee to the benefice.

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This week – 3 December 1308

Edward I commits to Ralph de Monthermer the custody of the lands of the late John Comyn, earl of Buchan and the ward and marriage of his heirs, still in minority, without disparagement.

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