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Read the April Feature of the Month

The April FoM, written by our Principal Investigator, Professor Dauvit Broun, is now online! Read it here….

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April 2012 – Scottish claims to land in Warwickshire

From Mar to the English midlands: the case of a Scottish couple pursuing claims to land in Warwickshire, 1224–1227 Dauvit Broun, Principal Investigator   One of the outcomes of The Breaking of Britain will be a completely new database about … Continue reading

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This week – 27 April 1296

The Scots were defeated by English at Dunbar. Though the castle belonged to the Patrick, earl of Dunbar or March, who was in English allegiance, his wife was a Comyn and supported the Scots, allowing them to occupy the castle. … Continue reading

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This week – 16-22 April 1296

Edward I’s progress through Scotland: Edward arrived at Berwick on 30 March and stayed there until he moved northwards to Dunbar on 27 April, the day of the Scottish defeat there.

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New March Feature online!

The March Feature of the Month, written by Matthew Hammond, is now online. Read it here.

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March 2012 – Women in the Ragman Roll, pt. 2

Women in the Ragman Roll: part two Matthew Hammond   Last month’s feature discussed women whose fealties to King Edward I were recorded in the Ragman Roll. All of the 77 or so women who swore fealty to Edward I … Continue reading

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This week – 13 April 1294

John Balliol commanded the justiciar of Lothian, Geoffrey de Mowbray, to restore to the monks of Melrose seisin of a common way through the valley of Douglas, of which they had been disseised by William Douglas. Douglas had been a … Continue reading

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This week – 1 April 1298

John Balliol, under house arrest outside London, made a statement in the presence of Anthony Bek and others that while king of Scotland he found in his fellow Scots ‘such malice, deceit, treason and treachery’, and that he believed they … Continue reading

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