This week – 10 February 1306

John Comyn, lord of Badenoch, and his uncle, Richard Comyn, were murdered by Robert Bruce and his men at Dumfries. The murder was, according to later chroniclers, the result of a betrayal by Comyn to Edward I of an agreement made by Comyn and Robert Bruce. The apparent agreement would see Bruce enthroned as king of Scotland while Comyn would receive Bruce’s lands. The betrayal led to the two men arguing in Greyfriars Church, Dumfries, with Comyn being stabbed and left for dead, while his uncle was killed. As the story goes, Bruce feared he had killed John Comyn and when he exclaimed this to his men, they returned inside the church to finish him off. The murder sparked fury from Edward I, especially after Bruce was quickly inaugurated king ofScotland.

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